The practice of Zen according to the teachings of Master Dogen (Zen soto)

Teacher:  Nicole de Merkline

Calligraphy by Sengaï

ZEN: school of silence

It is about learning to just `take time out'.
How can some respite be found from the endless noise, violence, aggression and frustration daily bombarding our neurones? Where is peace and serenity of mind and body when all becomes overwhelming?
The answer lies within Our Self. Quite simply, in being… That which links all existences.

Zen is neither a method of relaxation nor a `technique' for `achieving' wellness or well-being in the superficial sense given to these words today. It is about delving into the - often unconscious/subconscious - depths at the very root of our suffering as human beings, which stems from fear: fear of living, fear of inter-dependence, fear of impermanence, fear of incompleteness...

Through the practice of sitting in meditation in zazen, with no aim but focus on the present moment, we gradually come to let go of the comforting certainties that keep us tied to `me'. It brings us to the enlightenment of a much greater and higher `Self', one in harmony with all that lives. And thus to wisdom and compassion…


ZEN: for whom?

It is for those looking for something other than just `materialism gone crazy', for a spiritual or `other' dimension, in the belief that there is more to life than staring at a computer or television screen.
It is for all those who, whatever their personal convictions, philosophy, religion, race, or material wealth, seek for themselves, as for others, the true freedom of `being'.

Nicole de Merkline

A disciple of Master Deshimaru, Nicole de Merkline has practiced zazen for over 30 years. Dharma was transmitted to her by Nishijima Roshi, disciple of Kodo Sawaki.