Gudo Wafu Nishijima

Gudo Wafu Nishijima is a Japanese master, founder of the Dogen Sangha. Born in 1920, he practiced Zen for some 60 years, first under the guidance of Master Kodo Sawaki. Upon this Master's death he followed the teachings of Rempo Niwa Zenji, who was superior general of the Soto School of Zen and abbot of its root-monastery, Eihei-ji. Master Nishijima received the Dharma seal from him.
While leading an active professional and family life (as did Master Taisen Deshimaru), he penned thirty or so texts in Japanese and English, including a complete translation of Shobogenzo, the monumental work of Dogen, the great master who established the Soto School in Japan in the 13d century. He is currently translating from Sanskrit into Japanese and English the "Treaty of the Middle Way" (Mâdhyamaka-kârikâ), an other very important text written by the famous indian philosopher Nagarjuna.

For Master Nishijima, the path to happiness and freedom lies in investing one's whole body and spirit in the `here and now', be it in the silent practice of zazen or as we go about our daily lives.Devoid of any `exotic' connotations, The Way he advocates rests on free, non-violent commitment, without any mortification whatsoever. In other words, a path for 21st century Mankind to follow…

Interview of master Nishijima